Interactive Digital Menu

    • Display rich multimedia content like menu items and specials, advertisements, events, and news and information articles.
    • Translate and display your menu in different languages.
    • Design several Hubpages and and dynamically change displayed content at preset times and dates.
    • Design the Hubpage to reflect your brand identity with your brand’s name and logo, and a theme matching your color palette.
    • Offer detailed description of your menu items and go beyond with ingredients and dietary information, as well as cooking methods.
    • Give your patrons the tools to search and find their favorite foods, with custom categories, filters and sorts. Even allergens can be avoided using the intuitive options.
    • Define categories for your menu so that menu items can be categorized as you please, for example “Dinner”, “Lunch”, “Specials” or “Beverages”.
    • Create custom filters like the cooking method or cuisine.
    • Sorts for the menu can be added according to what is desired such as sorting by price or calories.




    • Display Suggestions After ordering food such as desserts and drinks. 
    • Configure Item While Ordering by Selecting choices.
    • Display Ordered Item Configuration Details in The Order.
    • Select From Available Sides.
    • Ability to add any item to the "My Order" list while browse items and while viewing the item.
    • View and Modify the order at any time before submitting it.
    • Restaurant guests can place and submit orders as well as the servers.
    • Synchronization between orders and kitchen.



    • Customers can play games to entertain themselves as they wait for their order.
    • Generate extra revenue through paid for games.
    • Enhance customer experiences.


Digital Promotions

    • Cost effective and ecofriendly dynamic display replaces menu reprints.
    • Promote items on your menu by displaying scannable coupons.
    • Attractively Promote Special offers, featured dishes or any special events highlighted to the customers.
    • Publish Advertisers Ads.
    • Customize a selection of information to spotlight.
    • Improved visibility of news and events.


Queuing System

    • Self-service virtual queueing.
    • Waiting Customers can add themselves to the virtual queue and view their estimated waiting time.
    • Interactive queueing, allows customers to choose when to get served if they prefer to push themselves back when summoned, or prefer to make an appointment.
    • Customer access to wait time details.
    • Customer can scan the QR code to follow the progress.
    • Queue status updates on customer phones.
    • Customers can wait anywhere they want and get notified by SMS on their phones as their turn approach.
    • Reduced peak-time pressure.
    • Customers no longer have to wait for their table until it’s ready.
    • Prevent losing your customers over unspecified long waits.


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