Stand Kiosks

Slim Series Kiosk

Specter Signage-friendly Kiosk

TXi-M Series of Wide-screen

Above are the different types of Stand Kiosks, Attractive digital menus can be placed outside your restaurant to entice people walking by your restaurant to see today’s specials and explore your attractive digital menu. The stand Kiosks Can also be placed in the waiting area, restaurant patrons waiting for their table can interact with the Digital Menu Kiosk to prepare to make their menu selection and check their position in the queue.
Table Kiosks

Wall-Mount Kiosks

Rugged Desktop Intel Atom or i3 Touch All-in-Ones

The Above Kiosks can be place at the restaurant tables for easy search criteria, allowing patrons to find their favourite food, see dietary information and select from available side dishes. The Wall Mount Kiosk can also be placed in the waiting area for restaurants with limited floor space.
Counter Kiosks

The TXi-M 32"-42" Countertop Series and Rugged Desktop Intel Atom or i3 Touch All-in-Ones

Countertop series can be place in fast food restaurants for patrons to browse the menu and get ready for their order.
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