Restaurant Benefits

Because of the sustained competitive environment, restaurant businesses seek to more strongly differentiate themselves across a spectrum of operational characteristics, ranging from food and service to decor and technology.

Interactive digital menus allow restaurants to display their menu, specials, promotions, news and events in the most flexible way possible in order to help differentiate among the competition, engage with the patrons and increase revenue.

Differentiate your Restaurant

  • Attractive digital menus can be placed outside your restaurant, in the waiting area, on counters or tables.
  • Differentiate your restaurant by conveniently placing an Interactive Menu Kiosk in front of your restaurant.
  • Entice people walking by your restaurant to see today’s specials and explore your attractive digital menu.
  • Restaurant patrons waiting for their table can interact with the Digital Menu Kiosk to prepare to make their menu selection
  • Restaurant patrons can examine the Interactive Menu while placing their order at the restaurant counter or at their table.
  • Waiters can answer any questions about the menu by having the digital menu on their mobile or tablet.

Save money, Increase sales and improve satisfaction

  • Automatically display Today’s Specials for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at preset times.
  • Cross-sell by displaying selected side dishes and drinks next to the main dishes. Classify, Categorize, Show ingredients and allergens for easy search.
  • Promote specific items in the menu by showing them directly on the hub page.
  • Promote items on your menu by displaying scannable coupons 
  • Generate additional revenue by showing paid-for ads on your kiosks.
  • Save the money and hassle of printing and reprinting menus when changes occur, your digital menu will always be up to date.


Centralized Management

  • Manage all Digital Menu contents remotely.
  • Schedule content to automatically appear at preset times.
  • Control location specific content on all Kiosks.
  • Promote and discontinue any dish in real time, all content automatically updated.
  • Content automatically synchronized across multiple devices in different locations

Customizable Attributes

  • Easily maintain your digital menu with unlimited custom attributes.
  • Organize your menu based on user-defined categories and classifications.
  • Customize the look and feel of your menu to match your image.
  • Easy search criteria allow patrons to easily find what they are looking for.
  • Show your digital menu in different languages -Disabled in Demo version- to address the needs of a diverse clientele.
  • Runs on Multi-Touch screens of all sizes.
  • Show nutritional information, ingredients and more
  • Display news, events, and information


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