Resto’s New Self-Service Solution to Order Entry
06 March 2016

Resto’s New Self-Service Solution to Order Entry

The Resto Application by 1TouchAway has been upgraded with new order entry features offering a host of new benefits to the foodservice industry.

New York, New York – February, 2016

Resto’s interactive digital menu application is packed with functionality built specifically to boost the foodservice industry, and so following the initial release we have released an upgraded version with all-new order workflow improvement features. As is customary with Resto’s features, The newest order entry features are designed not only to benefit foodservice businesses internally through improving the efficiency of their workflows and efficacy of their staff, but also improving the quality of their customers’ experience. Resto now allows servers to enter orders through portable devices, as well as customers to order unaided by waiting staff directly from tabletop devices, or from quick-order kiosk devices. All these ordering functionalities revolve around the use of the digital menu in various ways to achieve significant gains in time and money.

Resto’s digital menu with ordering functionality can be used to display the detailed menu and allow customers to browse menu items with the help of filters and sorts based on customizable menu item categories. Each menu item can be customized further to have a set of configurable attributes as well, each with their own pricing. This can come in handy when menu items have several different variables involved like pizza toppings for example. While browsing the menu items, they can be selected for more detailed looks into their dietary information and ingredients as well as their attributes. In addition to the item’s details, recommended side items are listed for each menu item. Orders are made by selecting and adding all the items with their configurations and sides, and once the checkout is completed the order is sent directly to the kitchen. After the order is submitted, Resto suggests other menu items such as desserts or drinks that can be added to the order. Through the use of sides and suggested items, Resto allows businesses to effectively cross-sell and upsell their menu items.

Customers can select their orders directly from the menu in one of two ways. Firstly, through the tabletop devices appropriate for dine-in restaurants they can access the menu and order in full detail. These devices can also feature games to entertain guests as they wait with the added benefit of generating more revenue for the restaurant. Secondly, they can use Resto’s quick-order functionality on self-service standing or counter-top devices, more appropriate for fast food restaurants, allowing customers to speedily select multiple items off the menu and place their orders without getting bogged down in details. In both cases the orders are submitted to the kitchen automatically so the servers are no longer required to take orders, rendering the order workflow more efficient and streamlined than ever.

Servers may also have portable devices that sport a similar order functionality with more detailed information so that servers never skip a beat with presenting the menu to customers and submitting orders to the kitchen, and can spend more time with the customers. Menu items that change like daily specials are automatically updated and synchronized to ensure that servers always deliver timely, accurate information to customers and reduce the number of mistakes in orders. Servers can also use their devices in more advanced ways to cross-sell and upsell different menu items.

These new features will surely improve foodservice order workflows through increasing productivity of the restaurants as seen in the increased number of customers served, which allows for better handling of peak hours and coping with increased workloads ultimately resulting in enhanced customer experiences and a more substantial bottom line.


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With a team of developers experienced in mobile systems and enterprise software, 1TouchAway is at the forefront of development, and is using the latest technologies to create the apps of the future. Resto is our offering to the foodservice industry. It has come as a result of our passion for restaurants and our goal of improving the technology and equipment available to restaurants. Drawing from the experiences of foodservice industry professionals, we have been able to create an application with just the right amount of flexibility and functionality to boost businesses ahead of the competition and make customers more satisfied than ever.




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