Going Digital With Your Menu Signage
04 October 2015

Going Digital With Your Menu Signage

Going Digital With Your Menu Signage

With new rules being implemented by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rapidly approaching,

owners and managers need to be prepared. By December 1, 2016, restaurant chains and retailers will be

required to provide customers with calorie counts on food and beverages.

The FDA also reported that consumers get about one third of their calories from outside their home,

meaning the new laws will make quite the impact. Consumers tend to base their decisions on what to eat

when they can compare calorie, fat, and sodium counts, and restaurant operators are already taking this

into consideration. Menus are constantly updated so a method that is both cost-efficient and practical has

many operators turning to digital.

Digital Menu Options

For restaurant operators, there are numerous opportunities to incorporate digital signage at their

establishment. Depending on your food establishment, you should look into updating your outdoor drive-
thru or walk-up menu, or consider adding kiosks or tablets. When choosing digital signage, it is important

to choose high-quality displays with little to no glare and clearly displayed print. For outdoor signage, the

hardware should be able to withstand extreme weather temperatures and conditions, and contain

shatterproof glass.

Digital Menu Benefits

A digital menu is visually pleasing and can entice customers to make additional purchases. Restaurant

operators can use this to their advantage by using it to promote new or healthier menu items. A digital

menu is easier to maintain and update, and is cheaper. A hard copy of a menu needs to be cleaned and

stored on a daily basis. Menu and price changes require re-prints and are expensive. Digital menus allow

you to make food and price changes from your computer, which can sever your operation costs greatly.

Digital Menu Affects

Adding digital signage doesn’t mean you need to change your entire concept, but rather, enhance

it. McDonald’s, one the leading fast-food chains, recently launched a kiosk feature in a limited number of

restaurants across the U.S. Guests still have the option to order in-store from a cashier at the counter, but

now also have the option to use a kiosk. Studies have shown that customers feel more at ease with a

kiosk because they are able to take their time browsing through the menu, and are more likely to spend

more on their order.

When people are more aware of nutritional information, they are more likely to make a health-conscious

decision. The new laws will make a huge impact on the food and restaurant industry and essentially

create food awareness. Digital menus will engage the customer more and benefit both the restaurant and

the consumer.


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