Consumers hungry for more restaurant technology
01 October 2015

Consumers hungry for more restaurant technology

Technology has changed the way we communicate, how we work, how we get entertainment, and it could have much more of an impact on how we eat, according to a survey by OpenTable.

The online reservation service asked more than 6,000 adults in 10 United States metropolitan areas about how they use technology before, during and after a restaurant meal and found that many were hungry for more tech, especially at limited-service restaurants.

Most of the survey respondents, 76 percent, all of whom had made at least one reservation through OpenTable in the past year, said they believed technology had the potential to play a “much bigger” or “somewhat bigger” role at limited-service restaurants.

Fewer people saw technology’s fit for higher-end experiences. Just 12 percent said they saw technology playing a “much bigger” role in fine dining, although an additional 34 percent said they saw it playing a somewhat bigger role.

Before eating out
Still, most consumers engaged with the information cloud on some level before visiting full- service restaurants. Obviously all of them at least occasionally made reservations online, and 88 percent said they did so frequently.

Other pre-visit activities include:

Finding restaurants: 87 percent
Looking at menus: 86 percent
Reading diners’ reviews: 60 percent
Reading professional critics’ reviews: 48 percent
Pizza chains ranked highly on all attributes related to technology, with Domino’s leading the pack. Three-fifths of Domino’s customers praised its integration of technology into the ordering process, according to the report.

Know how long the wait for a table is:85 percent
Add yourself to the waitlist before arriving:83 percent
Choose your table:68 percent
Pre-order cocktails or wine:19 percent
Pre-order the meal:14 percent
Pre-pay for the meal:12 percent


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